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SMA's revamping operation on SOLAR21 PV systems

News dalle Aziende Following the results from initial revamping activities on three plants operated by BFP Service in Lecce, SOLAR 21 has rolled out the revamping at three adjacent plants. SOLAR 21 carried out revamping operations on its six ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, acquired in 2012, in two phases between 2016 and 2017. Contenuto Riservato Riservato: …
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6 Novembre 2017 0

PV Doctor from Kiwa: a quality partner for the secondary photovoltaic market

News dalle Aziende Solar panel certification body Kiwa provides technical due diligence services for photovoltaic installations for systems with outputs from a few hundred kilowatts, aimed at companies operating on the secondary photovoltaic market. Examples of identified and rectified faults. versione in italiano A photovoltaic output of 18.2 GW from over 530,000 installed systems: this…
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6 Aprile 2016 0

Converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into batteries

Redazione Graphite electrodes used in the lithium-ion batteries that power electric automobiles can be replaced with carbon material recovered from the atmosphere. An interdisciplinary team of scientists has worked out a way to make electric vehicles that are not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative, capable of actually reducing the amount of atmospheric carbon…
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8 Marzo 2016 0
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